MetaTech – Design Consultancy

MetaTech is a transdisciplinary design consultancy company that provides a range of services across a broad spectrum of disciplines. We specialise on the integration of hardware and software systems while remaining sensitive to the roles humans play (Human Factors) in such systems.


In order to develop innovative sociotechnical systems, that bring the best practices from both the psychological/sociological and technical spheres, MetaTech provides consultancy services in Market Research, Project Management, Human Factors, User Experience, Persona Development, Web Design, User Interface Design, Human Computer Interaction, Prototyping and Mechatronic (mechanical/electronics) Engineering.


We pride ourselves on integrating into your organisation by applying our skills where needed, working with existing team members where the skills already exist within your organisation and subcontracting or collaborating with specialists as required.

For any enquiries please contact us by email.